Business (model)


As our name says, we specialize in redesigning how companies work, acquire customers and generate revenue, capitalizing on the opportunities offered by technological innovation.

We support our customers in the design of the future business model, in feasibility studies and business plans, demand management, process review, program management and change management.


Generation Software

“Every company will be a software company”: no doubt about that. Software will become more and more pervasive and will be one of the activities with the greatest impact on the world economy investing every industrial sector.

Every aspect of human life is destined to become “codable”, ubiquitous (mobile first) and enriched by Artificial Intelligence. Existing IT systems must be constantly modernised.


Metaverse is the mixed digital and physical universe where in the future we will spend most of our time. It will affect every aspect of our lives: education, work, leisure, relationships.

Entering the Metaverse cannot be a generic aspiration, but must be contextualized according to the characteristics of the company. And we help our customers to do just that: understand how to dive into the Metaverse.


We are Early Adopter of Web3 related technologies: Blockchain, Smart Contract, Wallet, Cryptoasset, NFT, DeFi (Decentralized Finance), Tokenization. We have developed proprietary applications and products for this world that promises to “democratize” different aspects (if not almost all) of the economy.

The approach is multidisciplinary (technology, Token Enomics, legal, etc.). Yes, we bet on the success of Web3.



Humanity has just embarked on a new exciting journey: Artificial Intelligence (AI). Today it’s not possible to predict where it will lead us, but companies have the opportunity to use it immediately to improve the products and services offered to their customers and increase profits.

In the wide range of opportunities offered by AI, we specialize in predictive analysis of behavior and trend and Data Science.


The relationship between fashion and technology is increasingly strong, so much so that it influenced the development of the entire fashion industry. The points of contact with the customer are multiple, both physical (shops) and digital (e-commerce of the latest generation, Metaverse, NFT).

The Customer Experience must combine the two worlds and allow a unique view of the customer and its specific physical characteristics (smart body), always preserving privacy and increasing brand loyalty.